we have a most clearly defined culinary indicate of view, boasts Ana in a commencement of this tense part of Food Network Star. we dont know what fun, fusion, fleek that's not a culinary indicate of view, she says, throwing shade in Tregayes direction. What a proceed to begin. Theres no denying Tregaye has been a explorer these past couple of weeks. Building movement with Giada as well as Bobby is critical, as well as we have been down to a small enough group that mentor support is either patently there or about to end. We proceed theMentor Challenge by picking dates (and their corresponding national food holidays). Each finalist has to have a plate as well as do a live streaming event with a surprise guest as well as questions from viewers in a mix. This is similar to a seven-ball juggling act!Damiano gets Frog Legs Day (huh?), as well as after complaining that there were all sorts of dessert-related days he could have gotten, creates a juicy frog leg saltimbocca (which equates to jump in a mouth).Damianos brother, Massimiliano, who is additionally handsome though is painfully shy, is a bit of an snag in a live streaming. Massimiliano doesnt know how to answer questions or connect with a camera. This is an unfair snag for Damiano. His brothers appearance doesnt have anything to do with him or whether Damiano can become a next #FoodNetworkStar. we consider Damiano does an excellent job; most importantly, he tastes his plate during a segment. This is so vicious when viewers cant eat their screens. They want to see YOU eat so they can knowledge a season by your words as well as description! Strong showing, in my humble opinion. Bravo! Jernard doesnt cosign upon Damianos frog noises as well as muses, we do not know what kind of frogs they have in Tuscany. Funny stuff.Nice to see a stress is so tall that a finalists have been essentially sort of relaxation up a bit in a #FoodNetworkStar pressure cooker.Jernard creates a fool around upon hot buttered rum with a smoked as well as buttered rum chicken. With his wife, Keena, as his surprise guest for live streaming, we am roughly changed to tears by Jernards tears as well as obvious loyalty to his wife as well as his family in general. And a viewers feel it too. Its a single of a least schticky moments for Jernard, as well as additionally a single of his best. My only question: Can he have an occasional salad, sauna fish plate or smoothie? His plate is heavy!Anas deconstructed (aka messy as well as unfinished) churro is good for a plea as well as her indicate of view. we additionally adore her relationship with her guest, her daughter, as well as feel it shows so most some-more of a tellurian side she normally shields from viewers. But a churro in a Champagne potion with a play of chocolate? It simply does not do her stellar in progress justice. Lets remember that Ana needs her in progress to be flawless to recompense for her learning curve with a demos. Ironically, a demo is good, though a in progress not great.Tregaye is clearly overwhelmed when her father walks out as a guest for her live stream. Shes flustered. we assimilate why: He is handsome. That can be distracting.I additionally consider she is focused upon winning as well as cant combine her home reason up as well as her boo with a emotions of a competition. It leaves viewers confused when she doesnt introduce him as well as even some-more confused when she hardly gets to in progress at all! Showing viewers her shoes creates her relatable, though why would we afterwards demeanour to her for recipes? we might consider we should demeanour for her shoe styles. The judges, complemented by Donal Skehan as well as Tia Mowry, have been similarly confused by Tregayes zucchini bread-fortune cookie steep dish. The happening cookie gets lost in a mix, as well as a plate is not a juicy total of its parts. Its a misstep at a bad time in a competition. The winner? Jernard.For a Star Challenge, Jernard assigns food holidays to himself as well as a other finalists. They have to have two meals representing their holiday in 60 minutes. He gives Tregaye New Years Eve, Damiano Cinco de Mayo, Ana St. Patrick's Day as well as picks Mardi Gras for himself. Honestly, we consider his choices have been as well kindhearted. Its as if he is giving what is GOOD for any finalist instead of exploiting their weaknesses. Jernard! This is a competition!Tregaye embodies a fun New Year's party! Damianos Mexican meals have been roughly stronger than his delicious Italian ones! we dont consider they have enchiladas in Tuscany, though Damiano loves Mexican food. we roughly consider that would be a good format for him: an Italian in Mexico as well as South America. The issue, though? When Damiano presents his pig tenderloin with birth mark (and ricotta?!?!?) as well as his seafood tostada, his resemblation (?!) of his meals leaves a judges wanting more. He adds his common complaints, stating, we hate cilantro." Hmmm. Even if we hate a certain food, shouldnt you, as a #FoodNetworkStar, find a proceed to applaud an part that belongs in a cultural context? we have risotto as well as prepare pattypan squish as well as would never eat any of either unless forced to. As Giada always says, Never let em see we sweat. Its about sharing as well as educating even if we dont adore it! Damiano's presentation is additionally rushed, as well as a judges struggle to assimilate what he is saying.Tregaye creates a black-eyed pea as well as collard immature (both mixture continuous to good fitness in a New Year) pig belly dish. Great concept. The food fits a moment.She additionally creates a throwaway parfait dessert. Odd. Tia tells her, "You were really accurate with your approach." Its true. Her probity turn is upon fleek even if Giada thinks her dessert isnt. we feel a New Years Eve countdown at a finish of her video ecstatic me to a really impulse we live any year!Ana, Ana, poor Ana, gets stuck with St. Patricks Day (which she deftly renames "San Patricio) as well as takes so most shortcuts with her Cuban Shepherds Pie as well as empanadas that she finishes with time to spare! Never a good thing. If we ever finish forward of a clock (which is pretty most never), we search for any improvements we can have until a last second. If we have been finished in advance, it equates to we probably could do something to improve your dish. And Ana doesnt. And a judges see that. Its a kind of pierce that can leave we retracing your steps as well as your rejecting for years to come. we STILL consider about a couple of meals we done along a proceed that fell short. we kick myself for misusing ingredients, making a wrong choices, not redirecting in a little way. When we see a lobster or a guinea hen (ingredients that were my undoing), for example, or that dreaded ice cream machine (equipment that has been my undoing), we still flinch a little.The net result: Anas presentation was relaxed as well as fun, a single of her strongest, though her food doesnt reason up as well as she is sent packing. we personally feel similar to Jernard is in a hot seat right now, as well as its going to take a lot of adore from a adore chef to get him up to speed with Tregaye as well as Damiano. Someones going home, as well as its a question of whether Team Fleek, Team Love or Team Tuscany gets to stick around for more.I done a collage with Food Network Magazines Maile Carpenters Editors Note (which shockingly fits a plea of this episode) as well as a little clipped viewer questions. Its so engaging to me how a magazine embodies a little of what these finalists have to achieve. What questions would we ask these finalists if we could? 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