Weve all been there. Youre slowly perusing the aisles during the grocery store, picking up odds as well as ends here as well as there, with no real devise for them in mind, as well as prior to we know it, we have the cupboard packed with cans of this as well as jars of that. On this mornings all-new episode of The Kitchen, the co-hosts introduced their the one preferred ways to showcase those items in recipes that arent only quick though satisfying, too. When it comes to those straggler cans of tuna, for example, think over the salad sandwiches as well as macaroni salads weve all had those before, right? Instead, make use of them in easy recipes that breathe new hold up in to them, as Katie Lee as well as Marcela Valladolid do in their must-try recipes below.Spaghetti as well as Tuna MeatballsPSA: You dont need red salsa to enjoy spaghetti as well as meatballs. Follow Katies lead as well as opt for the tawny pesto salsa instead, as well as dress it up with fresh lemon extract for brightness. When it comes to the no-meat meatballs, the blend of canned tuna, garlic as well as eccentric Parmesan yield the flavors, whilst the quick sear guarantees them the golden, crispy exterior. Perhaps best of all, this weeknight-friendly cooking takes only 35 mins to prepare.Chilled Tuna-Stuffed ChilesOnce we have the chiles steamed as well as ready to go, Marcelas simple-yet-stunning starter comes together as the no-cook recipe. She simply mixes up the tawny tuna filling, studded with peas as well as corn, afterwards packs it inside the peppers as well as tops them with the can of preserved carrots. This appetiser needs to be refrigerated for during least two hours prior to serving, so be sure to devise forward if youre prepping for the party.Tune in to The Kitchen on Saturdays during 11a|10c.