A melon baller is the sort of apparatus everyone has pressed in the drawer, though we bet we rarely reach for it. Next time we find yourself stranded in the recipe rut, puncture it out as well as try one of these unique ways to make use of it.Serve the Boozy TreatScooped melon bites already look darling served in particular glasses, though afterwards Jessica Merchant (the blogger at the back of How Sweet Eats) makes them even more irresistible: She douses them in the splendid reduction of lime juice, honey, packet as well as rum.Try it: Boozy Minted Melon Balls (above)Fill CupcakesFor the undiluted cupcake-to-filling ratio, make use of the melon baller to scoop out the space for the little extra frosting, peanut butter or fruit.Try It: 7 Fun, Filled CupcakesScoop Out Veggies for the New Take upon CruditesGiada De Laurentiis turns the cucumber into the new car for enjoying hummus no dipping required.Try it: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus in Cucumber CupsBake ApplesA melon baller can help we core an apple but piercing through the bottom. Fill the opening with dusty fruit, the sweetener similar to honey or maple syrup, or even lemon zest or wine for the warm, crustless dessert.Try it: How to Bake ApplesBuild an Impressive Party CenterpieceMake spheres out of the multicolor assortment of ripened offspring as well as afterwards serve them upon skewers for the party. Standing in the watermelon end, they make the fresh treat that doubles as the list centerpiece.Try it: Watermelon Tray, from Food Network MagazineStuff TomatoesScoop the flesh out of the cherry tomato as well as fill it with pesto for the bite-sized snack inspired by caprese salad.Try it: Cherry Tomato Pesto Pops