Oh, if only which were all there was.In a After-Show following tonights new episode of Cutthroat Kitchen, a fourth as well as final preliminary feverishness of a Time Warp Tournament, host Alton Brown unveiled a roster of totally righteous sabotages in gripping with a 1980s thesis of a conflict as well as judge Antonia Lofaso was upon palm to knowledge some of a most appropriate of them. The Miami Vice-style boat, which made a debut in Round 2s blackened-fish challenge, looked innocent sufficient to a judge as she took her seat at a wheel. After all, she had a space to prep as well as she had a feverishness source within arms reach. If this doesnt move, Antonia noted, this isnt which bad. But of march it did pierce as well as which was only part of what shed have to endure.Just similar to Chef Guy, who was saddled with this sabotage in a competition, Antonia had to contend with a choppy waters which surrounded her in a vessel while she worked upon her fish, as well as she also had to use one palm to hold a heavy, unwieldy bang box atop her shoulder. And as if which werent enough, no earlier did Antonia begin to cook her fish fillet than she faced yet another unfortunate byproduct of in progress upon a open H2O upon Cutthroat Kitchen. I forgot to discuss it we which theres spray, Alton mentioned to Antonia, who was being spritzed with H2O by a smiling Bob upon set.Click a fool around button upon a video above to watch what went down, as well as catch Antonia rocking a ultimate Madonna-look-alike get up in honor of a decade.Tune in to a Time Warp Tournament finale upon Wednesday at 9|8c.