Many of us love an ice-cold drink upon the hot summer day. A couple of of your favorite cans or bottles can play the vital supporting role during the cookout (the star, of course, is still whatever we chuck upon the grill). But if we want to get the little some-more creative and nudge your drink into the spotlight, weve got the torpedo way to do it gelatin-ify it.These personal-sized treats come customary with collegiate nostalgia. But really, theyre most cooler than their neon-colored cousins not usually can we have them with your favorite beer, though weve surfaced them off with the homemade tequila-lime whipped thickk cream for an towering final flourish. Cant we just picture them seeking all cute, lined up upon your buffet?And when all the shots have been gone, weve got lots some-more ways for we to win summer this year: Bake the pull-apart beach cupcakes, griddle cheese (literally) or whip up no-churn sweet corn ice cream.