As with most things in life, the the single size fits all proceed doesnt request when it comes to cookie baking generally when were talking chocolate chip. There have been so many ways this classic comfort-food the the single preferred can vary, whether in the hardness (crispy? chewy? cakey?) or in the ambience (nutty? extra-chocolatey?). Check out the far-reaching range of crazy-good chocolate thinly slice cookie recipes, as well as take the look during the ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Guide to bake your best collection each time.CakeyA beat mixed with dim brown sugarine alone, rather than thecombination of light brown as well as white sugars that the Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies call for, results inCakey Chocolate Chip Cookiesthat have been delightfully tender.ChewyWhat functions for cakey-cookie lovers wont do for those who like their cookie upon the chewy side. And, once again, it all comes down to the sugar. TheseChewy Chocolate Chip Cookiesget their distinctive hardness from being done witha small additional light brown sugar, plus corn syrup, instead of granulated white sugar.Even ChewierFor true chewy-cookie fanatics, solid old chewy just isnt chewy enough. You can assistance theseSuper-Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookiesattain extra-chewy greatness by regulating cake flour instead of all-purpose.CrunchyTo achieve the cookie thats flatand crunchy, you didnt shift anything about the classic batter. Instead, you oven baked theseExtra-Crispy Chocolate Chip Cookiesat 300 degrees F instead of 375 to give them their texture.Extra ChocolateyThe options for your chocolate thinly slice cookie baking dont end with the varying textures. Double down upon the chocolate component by blending unsweetened cocoa in to the beat forChocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies.Spiced as well as SeasonalPump up buttery chocolate thinly slice cookie mix with pumpkin puree as well as spices (think cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg as well as cloves). Once they leave the oven, thesePumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookiesare the cross in between the cookie the the single preferred as well as the pumpkin pie thats delightfully spiced.NuttySoft as well as chewy by nature, Giada De Laurentiis nuttyHazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookiesstart with the buttery chocolate chip-oatmeal batter, though the the added elements of chopped hazelnuts as well as dejected toffee thatll make people desire for the recipe.Skillet-BakedMost cookies have been oven baked upon the cookie sheet, butsome extra-special cookies break the mold. The Pioneer WomansSkillet Cookie Sundaeproves that itsso most some-more fun to bake the single giant, chocolate chip-loaded cookie in the skillet. Finish it off like the sundae by loading it up with ice cream, hot fudge, whipped thickk cream as well as cherries.Load up upon some-more of the cookie favorites right here.