It may not be (OK, it definitely isnt) a healthiest thing to serve your kids, though a latest Internet-pleasing food trend to emerge from Australia is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit with them: Fairy Bread.What, we ask, is Fairy Bread? Its so simple nonetheless so brilliant: white bread smeared with butter or margarine, then liberally lonesome with rainbow sprinkles as good as cut in to triangles.Artery-clogging, perhaps, though additionally both visually as good as sweet-tooth satisfying, it certain beats a Vegemite sandwich.The simple, sweetened as good as super-colorful treat infrequently additionally called a hundreds as good as thousands sandwich, since hundreds as good as thousands is what they call sprinkles in Australia (who knew?) is apparently a tack during kids birthday parties in a land down under. But it can be served on alternative occasions as well.There are a few mild variations:Its infrequently cut in to alternative shapes, Nutella or peanut butter are substituted in for butter. (Someone has even launched a day in Fairy Breads honor as good as OMG, here is a Fairy Bread Milkshake!)You substantially dont need to follow a recipe, in reserve from a broad directions outlined above, though if we indeed need one, well, here. Yum.Photo courtesy of @symmetrybreakfast