Labor Day has a way of unctuous up. One day its a 4th of July, as well as then, all of a sudden, its Labor Day week finish as well as youre faced with prepping for a final cookout of a summer. Thanks to Rachael Rays 30-minute meals, its incredibly easy to whip up a crowd-pleasing spread at a final minute, only in time for this weekends get-togethers as well as backyard bashes. Break out a griddle one final time as well as applaud a unaccepted finish of summer with these top-rated appetizers, mains as well as honeyed bites.Southwest Turkey Burgers(pictured above)With over 200 fan reviews as well as a 5-star rating, these turkey burgers surely give a usual beef burgers a run for a spotlight. Rachael mixes bell peppers, sharp serranos as well as prohibited peppers salsa into a belligerent turkey meat for bold flavor in any bite.Grilled Potato SaladWhen we griddle potatoes they will be somewhat drier than when we have use of alternative methods of cooking, Rachael notes in her top-rated recipe. By adding a potatoes to a salsa while they are hot, she says, we safeguard which they really will soak in a dressing.Individual No-Bake Strawberry CheesecakesIt takes only five ingredients thickk thickk cream cheese, sour cream, strawberries, sugar as well as vanilla remove to have a tawny filling for these fuss-free cheesecakes. Rachael opts for store-bought mini graham cracker crusts to save time in a kitchen.Marinated Grilled Flank Steak with BLT Smashed PotatoesRachael upgrades crushed potatoes with a BLT mix of bacon, leeks as well as tomatoes for a bold bite. For a alternative half of a classical steak-and-potatoes pairing, she grills juicy, spice-marinated meat.Grilled ShrimpRachaels proposal shrimp are fast grilled as well as served with lemon for a zesty bite.Black Bean as well as Corn SaladRachael adds cumin to a mix of black beans, corn, red bell peppers as well as onion to give a mild smokiness to this good-for-you side salad. Bonus: You can save time by using frozen corn straight from a freezer, no defrosting required.Banana Ice Cream Fake-OutNo longer do we need an ice thickk thickk cream machine to have ice cream. Simply have use of a food processor to puree frozen bananas with divert to have a frozen treat which seriously resembles soft-serve ice cream. Rachael tops a banana mix with classical sundae toppings like chocolate syrup as well as chopped peanuts.Devilish Chili-Cheese DogsUpgrade prohibited dogs with a hearty chili topping made from belligerent sirloin, Worcestershire, tomato salsa as well as chili powder. Rachael melts cheddar cheese on tip for an indulgent finish.Orzo with Feta as well as TomatoesCoating orzo with a feta-butter mixture instead of mayonnaise gives this pasta salad a tangy, salty bite. Finish by tossing with chopped parsley as well as luscious grape tomatoes to freshen up a creamy, rice-shaped noodles.Jalapeno-Lime Corn on a CobRachael creates an infused butter with jalapeno, paprika as well as lime, then melts it over steamed corn to add both heat as well as zest.