Most bubbly beverage recipes have been pretty straightforward: Mix, stir or shake, afterwards flow (and sip). But of march upon Cutthroat Kitchen, few things have been as easy as they seem, generally upon a night like tonight, which saw a culmination of Alton Browns first-ever Tournament of Terror.Guest decider Anne Burrell was in for a idealisation dizzying drink when she visited a After-Show. She checked out a few sabotages, afterwards landed atop an generally evilicious sabotage: a rotating bed from Round 3, atop which she had to prep a Bloody Mary. But in true Cutthroat fashion, it wasnt all about a bed; it was what a bed did which made this plea interesting. Theres a single thing which we left out, Anne. One thing, Alton told her after she was settled with her ingredients. Within moments a mischievous mattress began moving, though Anne didnt let which shock her, taking a motion in stride. This is so fun, Anne said, realizing a full border of a sabotage. Does this thing go any faster?Click a fool around symbol upon a video above to watch a harm unfold as well as see more of Alton as well as Anne in their costumes.