Im removing upon a frozen-margarita train! There is a time as well as a place. Luckily, for us which time as well as place is right now.My first-ever margarita was upon a rocks with salt this was how my mom always ordered them, as well as we didnt even wish to try a solidified one. we suspicion which a solidified margarita probably came from a single of those frozen-concentrate tubes in a freezer. we longed for a real thing; hence my love for rocks as well as lots of salt. But then! A few years ago we had a glacial mojito as well as it was to die for. It tasted legit, not similar to a feign store-bought brew blended with ice. we proposed making them during home, as well as then a single day, when it was super-hot as well as we had friends over, we decided to try it with a margarita.Heres what makes this magical: solidified coconut-milk cubes! Instead of making ice, a day prior to (or whenever we think its lovely to have these upon hand for a spur-of-the-moment glacial cocktail), flow a little coconut divert in to an ice brick tray as well as freeze it. These cubes not only forestall a drink from being watered down by lots of ice, though add a little extra tawny coconut flavor. Its reminiscent of a really good pina colada, though with tequila as well as lime, as well as minus a pineapple.Another option for these margaritas is to make use of solidified coconut beef (the inside of a coconut), which we can find in a freezer aisle of grocery stores. That adds a ton of season as well as a tawny texture which almost reminds we of ice cream, as well as a little staying power. Heck, a margarita similar to which could practically be deliberate a meal!If we wish to go a glacial route with your favorite fruit, solidified ripened offspring is a way to go. Grab strawberries, blueberries, even peaches, as well as blend them with a ingredients below, subbing a little extra wine or even soft drink H2O for a coconut water.Serve these up, still salting a rim of a glass, with extra limes as well as with a little Bing cherries upon top. It really doesnt get any better.Frosty Coconut MargaritasServes 41/2 crater silver tequila (or coconut-flavored tequila, if we can find it)1/2 crater cream of coconut1/3 crater Grand Marnier liqueur1/4 crater coconut water1/4 crater coconut soft drink or seltzer (such as La Croix)1/2 crater elementary syrup2 limes, juiced1/2 teaspoon coconut extract1 1/2 cups coconut-milk ice cubes, approximatelyCoarse salt for rimming a glassLime wedges, for servingCherries, for servingCombine a tequila, cream of coconut, Grand Marnier, coconut water, seltzer, elementary syrup, orange juice, coconut extract as well as coconut ice cubes in a blender as well as pulse until ice is dejected as well as mixture is combined. It should be super-frosty.Add more ice if needed, then taste as well as add a little extra tequila if desired. Pour in to frosty, salt-rimmed glasses as well as tip with orange wedges as well as a cherry.Note: To make a coconut-milk ice cubes, flow 2 cans of light coconut divert in to an ice brick mold. Freeze overnight prior to using. These arent positively necessary, as well as we can make use of regular ice cubes if needed.Jessica is a voice at a back of a blog How Sweet Eats. She can be found upon Instagram, Facebook, TwitterandPinterest, as well as shes upon Snapchat during howsweeteats.