3 of a Kind checks out 3 places opposite a nation to try something cool, new as well as delicious.As it turns out, a single plus a single sometimes equals a single a single exceptional dish, that is. Innovative chefs opposite a nation have been training that tasty lesson by marrying dual menu classics to emanate a single devotedly attached mash-up. There is a Cronut, a kimchi taco as well as even a turducken, that tweaks a normal Thanksgiving turkey in a big way by seasoned mixture it with a chicken inside a duck. One of a newest mash-ups to take a culinary universe by charge is a sushi burrito, that brings together sushi as well as burritos, of course. Admittedly some-more giant sushi hand roll than burrito, a origination is still a tantalizing concept, with fresh fish as well as sticky rice rolled up in a seaweed wrapper. Here have been a couple of places featuring this mash-up upon their menus.Buredo, Washington, D.C.The culinary brainchild of dual lifelong friends, Buredo has turn a go-to spot in a nations capital for a healthy lunch. Here you can score a namesake buredo, or sushi burrito, in 10 opposite varieties, all of that have been hand-rolled as well as bursting with splendid vegetables as well as fresh fish. One standout in this sea of tantalizing sushi rolls is a Beatrix. This buredo is done with seasoned rice as well as normal nori, that comes pressed with layers of tolerable yellowfin tuna as well as salmon sashimi, cucumber, preserved cabbage, green onion as well as tempura crunch, along with a ethereal sharp of unagi sauce.En Hakkore 2.0, ChicagoAfter dazzling Chicagoans with their chronicle of Korean tacos during their hip fast-casual spot En Hakkore, husband-and-wife duo Peter as well as Faith Park were hoping to work their culinary magic once again. This time theyre luring in diners with sushi burritos served during their second place (named En Hakkore 2.0, naturally). The little Wicker Park corner offers a handful of a oversize creations that have been pressed to a gills with opposite fillings. The Crunch plays off of a fire breathing monster roll, with shrimp tempura, eel, thickk cream cheese, honeyed potato, cucumber, avocado, as well as drizzles of eel salsa as well as mayo. The Fire kicks up a heat with sharp tuna as well as jalapeno, that have been brought together with lettuce, avocado, cucumber, red pepper as well as eel sauce. Though a sushi burritos have been a main hook, En Hakkore 2.0 does underline a couple of Korean options, including kimchi fries as well as Korean chicken wings.Sushirrito, San Francisco as well as New YorkBorn in San Francisco as well as now with a mint place in New York, Sushirrito is helmed by Peter Yen as well as Ty Mahler, who surveillance their sushi burrito concept as a original. With some-more of a focus upon a true alloy of flavors, their massive rolls meld normal Latin American as well as Japanese ingredients, that most other places dont do. The Satori is a favorite, with a multiple of Hiramasa yellowtail as well as preserved red onion brought together with ginger guacamole as well as honeyed corn. Another renouned option is a Geishas Kiss, brimming with yellowfin tuna, piquillo peppers, lotus chips, namasu cucumber, ginger guacamole as well as yuzu tobiko.Photography courtesy of Buredo, En Hakkore 2.0 as well as Sushirrito