Its not often which which Cutthroat Kitchen judges get to choose their own poison, so to speak, when they dump by Altons After-Show (usually thats host Alton Browns job). But tonight Antonia Lofaso enjoyed the leisure to select which sabotage shed be saddled with. Alton explained which theyd be prepping lobster rolls together literally, which is as well as it was up to her to opt to do so in the giant stockpot to one side Alton or in the strap tethered to him. Ultimately she chose the harness, as well as were blissful she did, since what resulted as they both put signature spins upon lobster rolls was diabolically hilarious not to mention downright delicious.Antonia as well as Alton concluded which the Connecticut-style lobster roll preparation, which features butter instead of mayo as the binder, is the approach to go, but tonight Alton opted for mayonnaise to contrast, he explained. After Antonia toasted her bun, Alton oh so cautiously scooted the twin over to his hire to work upon his lobster. Sure enough, no earlier did Alton get the handle upon his prep did Antonia shimmy them back to her table. This is like the ballet of pain, Alton remarkable as they did an unpretentious two-step in the kitchen. After what Alton called the completely neutral Bob assimilated them for tasting, the Bob wordlessly deemed Altons to be the most appropriate of the day which didnt essentially come as the warn to Antonia. Its true. Its the mayonnaise. I didnt put any salt. Im the failure, she proclaimed in the series of distressing culinary admissions. And for Alton, which was song to his ears. Best day ever, he said.Click the play button upon the video above to watch Alton as well as Antonia prep in the harness, as well as get an up-close look at their lobster rolls.Tune in to Cutthroat Kitchen upon Wednesdays at 9|8c.