After 10 weeks of challenges, Food Network Star mentors Bobby Flay as good as Giada De Laurentiis voiced a newest member of a Food Network family in a life-changing culmination upon Sunday night. If we haven't watched a episode yet, do not read any further until we do. We're about to chat with a new Food Network Star in an exclusive on-set interview.There's no doubt which all three of a tip Food Network Star finalists brought their all to a months-long competition, though ultimately Tregaye Fraser, a chef as good as a mom of two, warranted a desired pretension of Food Network Star in an romantic (and appropriately on-fleek) reveal. We were upon a set of a culmination as good as held up with Tregaye only moments after her victory. Read upon below for an exclusive talk with her, afterwards click a play symbol upon a video during a bottom to go upon set with her as good as a mentors.In Week 8, Bobby told you, "This is yours to lose." What did it meant to listen to which from him during which time? Tregaye Fraser: Oh, my goodness. When Bobby said which "This is yours to lose" during which indicate we was like, "OK, so we competence be we do something right." ... we only told myself: "Im only starting to be myself. Im only starting to take this thing all a way to a end. Im not starting to consider about it. Im only starting to let it flow smoothly. It seems which Bobby believes in me, so we have to hold in me first as good as foremost."What was your proudest impulse of a competition? TF: we consider its a day which we did a legal holiday where we did New Year's Eve. It was since during which moment, we kind of saw all entrance together, which we was being taught by Bobby as good as Giada all during a single time, as good as it was only we was so full of emotion, as good as it was crazy. we consider which was my most appropriate moment.What do we know now, 11 weeks after this all started, which we instruct youd good known upon day one? TF: Man, we instruct we knew how difficult a presentation partial would be. we instruct we knew how quick a notation goes by, since it unequivocally goes by very fast, as good as so only perplexing to keep up with which and, we know, only a small more on-camera knowledge we consider would have been good.Is there a single piece of mentor feedback which unequivocally struck a chord with we as good as is something which youre starting to lift with you? TF: It was when they said: "Be yourself. You being who we are is what got we here, so dont shift who we are since youre here now." And which was a changing point. That was a branch point. Thats all we had to say. Drops a mic. Lets go. Lets do what we have to do. And keep it cute.You seem to unequivocally excel with a amicable media challenges. Your Snapchat video was especially fun. Is which something we move to your everyday life? TF: Oh, Im a Snapchat black @cheftregayes Snapchat. Follow me. we mean, we adore Snapchat since its only fun. we adore all my amicable media. Its unequivocally a way for we to bond with your fans, or, we dont even similar to to call them "fans." we roughly feel similar to its weird to say "fans," though just, like, people who ... [are] supporting you, as good as they feelin you, as good as its only great to have that. And, we know what, we adore it since we notice a lot of times things which we go by in my life, Im means to share which with them, as good as they relate to it, as good as its a most appropriate feeling in a universe when someone says: "Thank we for posting that. we unequivocally indispensable it." Its great. Thats all we need.What did we learn about yourself by this journey which we may be werent expecting to? TF: we schooled which when underneath pressure as good as its something which we unequivocally want, Tregaye [is starting to] make certain she gets what she wants, as good as thats what we learned. Like, we regularly knew which about me, though this, like, unequivocally put it into me, since its hard. You unequivocally have to pull yourself, as good as theres days where we consider we did great, as good as we unequivocally didnt, as good as thats a blow. So, we kind of have to get by that. So, we feel similar to Ive only schooled to endure a small better.What were your many a a single preferred as good as least a a single preferred challenges? TF: Least a a single preferred was which mac 'n' cheese with a octopus. Im done. Listen, it was so disgusting. Did we see a lid? He pulls a lid up as good as its stuck to a we cant take it. Its ... no. And a most appropriate ... they were all a best. we loved we do all of em. Oh, we know what, a road house party. The road house one. That was good. we suspicion which was awesome.How would we explain to fans who are examination during home as good as maybe meditative "I can do that" what this process is unequivocally like? TF: If youre during home as good as youre meditative which its not which bad, it is which bad. If youre during home as good as youre meditative "OK, we can do this," OK, well, we would adore for we to apply for a show as good as try it out. Because we suspicion a same thing, as good as its similar to with a minute, its a science, as good as its unequivocally similar to this is a academy, as good as theyre teaching you, as good as youre starting by school, as good as ... we done it to graduation.How would we as good as your fellow finalists spend your downtime upon set? Any fun behind-the-scenes stories which we can share? TF: Oh, my gosh. Yes. First of all, we know Yaku has to rap behind a scenes. He [has] got to get his rap on, as good as [not] even only rap, he sings. He will give we a small Jodeci. Im only saying. Damiano with his "Dominick a Donkey" Italian song. Thats a behind-the-scenes thing we guys will never know, though he sings this song, "Dominick a Donkey." Its hilarious as good as irritating during a same time. We have fun. We moment jokes with each other. You have to do a lot to bide a time around here.Check back here tomorrow for interviews with Damiano as good as Jernard, a runners-up of Food Network Star.