Its summer as well as the livings easy or during least it should be, right?When the rest of your downtime is spent picnicking, beaching as well as roving (or wishing we were), contingency have been we dont have the time for extensive recipesorlengthy shopping lists. Luckily, weve got loads of simple-yet-sensationalrecipes regulating 5 mixture or fewer(excluding salt as well as pepper) so which summer in progress is easy-breezy, only as it should be.Corn + Red Onion + Cider Vinegar + Olive Oil + BasilIna Gartens showstoppingFresh Corn Salad(pictured above) screams summer by as well as through. A flash of cooking, the punch of vinegar as well as the pinch of red onion as well as uninformed basil have been all it takes to rouse summers annuity to the plate worthy of some-more than 200 reviews as well as the 5-star rating.Bacon + Baby Bok Choy + Onion + Butter Beans + White Balsamic VinegarCook shaggy baby bok choy down with hazed bacon drippings for the low-ingredient veggie plate brimming with flavor. Plus,Baby Bok Choy with Bacon, Onion as well as Butter Beanstakes only twenty-five mins to hit the table, as well as its healthy.Plum Tomatoes + Red Onion + Kirby Cucumber + Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Red Wine VinegarThink of Rachael Rays 5-starTomato, Onion as well as Cucumber Saladas the best have use of for juicy summer tomatoes. Instead of cluttering these in-season gems with other ingredients, simply toss the bright red beauties with red onion, thin-skinned cukes as well as the super-easy vinaigrette to let the tomatos innate integrity shine through.Asparagus + Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Bacon or Pancetta + Chopped Chives or ScallionsGather asparagus spears together as well as hang the bundles with the cut of bacon or pancetta. Not usually does the baconhelp to reason Rachaels top-ratedasparagus bundlestogether for an elegant presentation, but it also imbues them with the hazed saltiness as they cook as well as crispon the prohibited grill.Portobello Mushrooms + Garlic + Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Balsamic Vinegar + Dijon MustardAftergrilling portobello mushrooms until proposal as well as charred, Alex Guarnaschelli tops each the single with the roasted garlic-infused balsamic dressing forher meaty-without-meatGrilled Portobello Mushrooms with Balsamic.Swiss Chard + Slivered Almonds + Olive Oil + Shallots + Cider VinegarThough it calls for usually 5 ingredients, Food Network Kitchens recipe forSwiss Chard with Shallots as well as Almondsis all about big, varying textures. The almonds add crunch, the olive oil adds silkiness, as well as the chard stems as well as leaves have been good as well as tender.Bacon + Shallot + Red Wine Vinegar + Frisee + Purple FigsBitter greens, hazed bacon as well as sweetly rich figs emanate the fresh, dynamic flavor form in only twenty minutes. Serve this easy-to-makeFig, Bacon as well as Frisee Saladat the start of the summer party or to have an average night feel only the little bit some-more special.Get some-more simple 5-ingredient summer recipes right here.