Though Alex Guarnaschelli is an esteemed Iron Chef as well as the tough-love Chopped decider with the reputation for excellence in the kitchen, most of her recipes are downright easy to make, similar to these top-rated summer picks. Check them all out below for honeyed as well as savory seasonal inspiration.Tomato as well as Watermelon Salad (pictured above)Follow Alexs lead as well as have this vibrant salad with room-temperature tomatoes as well as cold watermelon. The contrast of temperatures will give the salad an extra-fresh taste, she explains.Quick as well as Easy PicklesForget weeks-long distillation as well as try Alexs discerning pickles instead. All it takes is thirty mins as well as the simple brew of apple cider vinegar, sea salt, H2O as well as fresh dill to grasp an preferred tang.Yogurt-Marinated Grilled Chicken with HarissaMarinate chicken halves in the ginger-laced yogurt salsa prior to grilling, for an incredibly proposal finished dish.Strawberry ShortcakeAlexs 5-star shortcake ascent features the dip of splendid raspberry sorbet between the halves of the split biscuits.Grilled Romaine Salad with Blue CheeseGrilling romaine hearts gives the greens an astonishing smokiness which complements the bold blue cheese crumbles on top.Fruit PizzaPizza isnt just for dinner any more, as well as we dont have to be singular to savory toppings. Alex simmers juicy blackberries in red booze as well as sugar prior to layering them with tawny ricotta for an impressive honeyed pie.Bibb Lettuce as well as Shrimp WrapsI similar to the idea of the wrap for spring or summer because its really light as well as fun to eat, Alex says. The large, rounded shape of Bibb leaves makes this sold lettuce an preferred sweeping for wrapping up her proposal shrimp filling. She adds, You can additionally tip this with the little salsa.Cantaloupe SoupThis cold soup is the quick, refreshing way to suffer in-season cantaloupe. Alex blends the fresh melon with the crater of stimulating apple cider for an astonishing fizz.Arugula as well as Strawberry SaladThe sweetness of fresh strawberries complements piquant arugula in this good-for-you salad. Dress the brew with sherry vinaigrette for an combined tangy bite.Flatbread with Bacon as well as Scallion PestoSwap your common pizza-night cake for these easy flatbreads from Food Network Magazine. Tangy creme fraiche is an preferred bottom for tainted bacon as well as scallion-parsley pesto.