Chopped has returned with a third season of a popular five-part Teen Tournament. In tonights fourth round, 4 teenagers entered a hallowed kitchen to try their luck during in progress with a poser baskets. But even a most-practiced cook can get jarred when it comes to a added pressure as great as time constraints of a competition. Sometimes it all comes down to a last minutes, as we saw in tonights episode. Once again a teenagers brought their talent to conflict with a hopes of earning a single of 4 spots in a finale. From which last showdown, only a single will emerge victorious as a leader of $25,000.The BasketsAppetizer: porcini mushrooms, verjus, Linzer torte cookies, rabbit in a canEntree: bison skirt steak, snap peas, guanciale, chocolate-covered potato chipsDessert: seedless red grapes, building block candy, bee sting cake, sparkling ciderElimination DetailsFirst round: JeffreySecond round: JonasFinal round: ShawnaWinner: ElianaJudges: Scott Conant, Alex Guarnaschelli, Amanda FreitagComing in to Chopped, Eliana might not have been as rebuilt as a little of her rivals, though she strategized great sufficient which it was scarcely unnoticeable. She tender a judges right off a bat by creation tortillas from blemish in a appetiser round. The only critique she perceived was which a food lacked flavor, though Eliana was wavering in display off her adore of spices only yet. She came behind with her piquancy arms depot for a snack round, though it was as good heavy-handed of an approach. She blew a judges palates with a beef which was overly spiced. But her unique side plate finished up for which mistake. Going in to a dessert round, Eliana decided to have a bread pudding, which often is a lick of death for Chopped competitors if it doesnt work. Elianas was so successful which it even converted decider Alex. Although Elianas in progress might not have been a riskiest, her carry out of flavor is what tender a judges a most, as great as in a end, she earned a fourth as great as last spot in a finale, where shell face Kamryn, Lyanna as great as Gabriel for a $25,000 esteem as great as hold up title.How does it feel to win today?Eliana: It was unequivocally sparkling to win. There was a little unequivocally great meals put out there today, so Im unequivocally happy which we got to win this one.Did we practice during all prior to coming upon a show?Eliana: we essentially didnt do as good most putting in service prior to we came upon a show, so when we came here we was like, Man, we unequivocally should have practiced.What would we contend was a hardest basket for we to work on?Eliana: we consider a hardest basket was substantially a snack basket given it only unequivocally threw me off with a guanciale. Ive never worked with which before. we didnt even know what it was, as great as there were chocolate-covered potato chips, as great as we didnt know what to do with that, as great as we didnt essentially consider which it would work with a dish. we only threw it in there, given we needed to incorporate it somehow, as great as we was like, Oh, my gosh, we goal this works as great as it turns out OK. But they unequivocally desired it, so we was unequivocally happy with that.What finished we confirm to mix a snap peas, a guanciale as great as a chocolate-covered potato chips?Eliana: When we saw a guanciale, it kind of only reminded me of bacon or pancetta, so we only kind of treated with colour it similar to that, as great as we rendered it off as great as it had a lot of fat, so we had to empty it. Then we only put a snap peas in there, we mean, bacon as great as snap peas go great together, so we only did that. Then we was like, well, potato chips have been crunchy as great as theyre sweet, so, like, sweet as great as salty, yeah, we goal which works. And afterwards it melted as great as we was like, Oh, maybe it wont work. But it did.With a bison steak, Alex arrange of felt which it didnt go upon a plate, similar to it didnt match with a alternative ingredients, as great as afterwards they talked about a piquancy massage being a little as good spicy. Did we have any second thoughts when they were talking about that?Eliana: Yeah, we thought we was starting to get chopped given of a piquancy rub, [with them] observant it was as good heavy-handed upon a cayenne it was chalky. So we did consider we was starting to get chopped, though afterwards during a same time we was like, oh, we had a unequivocally great similar to snap peas, so it could have been either way.The judges really, unequivocally desired a actuality which we finished tortillas from blemish in a appetiser round. What finished we confirm to take a risk similar to that? It could have gone either way.Eliana: Well, we unequivocally adore tacos. Its my favorite food in a entire world, as great as we adore creation tortillas from scratch, so we only thought we could have a tostada, only do it from blemish instead of we do a corn tortillas because, we mean, we had sufficient time to do it as great as its flattering easy to make, so we only kind of whipped which up as great as hoped for a best.In a dessert turn we finished a bread pudding which essentially surprised Alex, who hates bread pudding. What finished we confirm to do that? Did we have any recipes in a behind of your mind starting in to a dessert round?Eliana: we had a little recipes in a behind of my head we could do which we knew how to do as great as which we could do in which amount of time. Im not as good keen upon desserts, so we had to do something which we knew we could execute well, as great as we was flattering happy which we did a bread pudding in 30 minutes, given its flattering difficult to do in which amount of time.You talked about how a bread pudding was arrange of inspired by New Orleans as great as by we operative in a kitchen of Commanders Palace, as great as also we attempted to do a blackening upon a steak. Did we wish to uncover off your background or a food of New Orleans whilst we were here?Eliana: Yeah, we unequivocally longed for to uncover off where we came from with being from New Orleans as great as display my heritage, like, how its only shabby my food character as great as in progress style, so we only attempted to move which to a plate by we do Creole taste additive as great as creation bread pudding, which is something thats flattering classic in New Orleans.I consider we unequivocally caught a judges off-guard when we pronounced which we staged during Commanders. What was it similar to operative there for you?Eliana: It was extraordinary operative during Commander Palace. we gained so most experience as great as knowledge from them only operative in a restaurant industry as great as only we do things similar to mass production, given thats something we hadnt finished before, so we unequivocally got to learn how to manage all which as great as do everything. It was a lot of work, though it was unequivocally fun as well.How would we describe your in progress style? What have been a little of a meals which we adore to make?Eliana: we similar to to do a lot of fusion cuisine, generally given we have a lot of backgrounds, as great as we only similar to to fuse, like, Asian as great as Hispanic or only Cajun as great as Asian, or whatever it is. we only similar to to do which as great as only see how it plays out given we similar to to only do a interrelated flavors.When did we initial get interested in cooking?Eliana: Ever given we was 4 years aged Ive only desired in progress as great as Ive been in a kitchen. Ive always pronounced which we longed for to be a cook when we grew up, as great as Ive unequivocally helped have which occur only having a cookbooks as great as radio uncover as great as starting to NOCCA [New Orleans Center for Creative Arts]. Its been extraordinary so far, only we do all a things which Ive done.How most cookbooks do we have?Eliana: we have three cookbooks.And youre operative upon a piquancy line?Eliana: Yes, hopefully. Hopefully thatll come out soon, generally if we win a finale, afterwards we can unequivocally launch my piquancy blends.Thinking of a culmination ahead, do we have any strategy? Or is there something we wish to concentration upon to secure yourself a win?Eliana: Definitely only hang to what we know. we mean, we can unequivocally try as great as take risks similar to we did creation a tortillas, though we consider which we need to only do what we know so we can execute it great as great as do my techniques great as great as get my flavors down pat so Im not only kind of rowdiness around perplexing to see if something works or not. Although sometimes it does happen.Being here upon Chopped, is it all we imaged it would be only from seeing it upon TV?Eliana: we dont know. we dont consider its quite as we imagined. we feel similar to its not as most pressure when youre essentially here. Leading up to it, its kind of nerve-racking, though once we get here its like, Wow, this is real. And once we get in to a rounds we only kind of get in a zone, as great as we only stay focused so we only kind of look during a clock, have certain Im we do all right, Im we do it upon time, as great as Im executing things well.What do we consider your friends as great as family will contend when they see we upon TV competing?Eliana: My friends as great as family have been substantially starting to be very vehement as great as happy to see me. They only will substantially be cheering me on, substantially sitting upon a corner of their seats, generally in a snack round, when all of us have been using only a last mins to finish plating. That was, we felt similar to we was starting to have a heart attack.Tune in to a last conflict in a Chopped Teen Tournament upon Tuesday during 10|9c to find out who wins it all.