Weve learned the valuable lesson this summer: Turning upon the oven or stove during the feverishness call is no way to live. Then again, conjunction is the diet of true salads. If youve resigned yourself to choose between sweaty, miserable dish prep as well as unchanging bowls of leafy greens, were here to throw you the lifesaver. Weve been hard at work formulation no-cook summer dishes to keep you cold as well as confident via the day. Heres the sample menu to keep upon palm for the next time temperatures rise:BreakfastYou dont need fried eggs as well as bacon to give yourself the morning appetite boost. Rachael Rays Yogurt as well as Fruit Parfaitswill fill you with protein as well as fiber but requiring you to fire up your griddle. If you have an abundance of fresh ripened offspring upon hand, try Ina GartensFruit Salad with Limoncello; the silky lemon yogurt commanding comes together in mere seconds.LunchWere choosing to see rough summer feverishness as an event to eat more sandwiches, as well as Jeff Mauros Monster Muffalettais life-giving. Pair it with the side Tomato Mozzarella as well as Basil Saladfor the well-rounded, no-cook summer lunch.Snack TimeTide yourself over until dinner with easy, no-cook dips. The short ingredient list, the minimal prep work as well as the capability to skirt your oven have been just the few of the reasons why you venerate Inas homemadeHummus.As an alternative, thisPea as well as Avocado Dipoffers all thecreamy hardness of hummus, but in the brilliant shade of green. And, of course, you can never go wrong with aclassic cheese platewhen attempting tostave off midday hunger.DinnerDinner is the hardest dish to pull off but the help of your oven or stove top, so you recommend branch torefrigerated leftovers as well as hidden treasures in your freezer. Keep itlight with Jeffs tangyChicken Salad, the brew of leftover baked chicken breasts, walnuts as well as cranberriesserved in ethereal Bibb lettuce cups. Zoodlesare regularly the correct preference when the feverishness call refuses to break; try them as the spaghetti replacement served with leftover, defrosted meatballs. And if thats not sufficient to curb your hunger, whip up the batch of Tyler Florences 15-minuteWatermelon Gazpachotopped with salty crumbles of feta cheese.DessertIf youve managed to get by the total day but branch your oven, dont give in now. Food Network MagazinesRed Velvet-Blueberry Ice Cream Pieis topped off with churned thickk cream as well as red velvet cupcake crumbs. For something lighter, try Rachael RaysIndividual No-Bake Strawberry Cheesecakes,which take just 10 minutes to prepare.