Well, weve reached a brand new emergence in a land of Cutthroat Kitchen. On tonights special-edition superhero monthly payment of Altons After-Show, host Alton Brown as well as judge Antonia Lofaso abandoned their earthly bodies as well as became Fry-der Man as well as Super Judge, respectively. For Alton, his theatrical representation concerned nothing alternative than a jetpack-like backpack of oversize french fries, as well as a mask as well as palm made out of grill baskets; Antonia found herself flying (that is, hanging) in a air together to a floor, at a mercy of what Alton called a 4 winds, aka a Bobs. Its not my fault. Im not in assign of them, Alton explained to Antonia as she attempted to sense a predicament in which she found herself.For this After-Show challenge, both Fry-der Man as well as Super Judge were tasked with putting their superhero spins on a classical favourite sandwich, a elementary charge to be sure or so it seemed. I cant even strech my olive oil, Antonia declared at a outset, stretching her arms from a sling in an try to grab a bottle. Meanwhile, Alton was traffic with a onslaught of his own. Thanks to a grill basket he was forced to carry in a single hand, his chopping abilities were severely lacking, so most so which he resorted to simply smashing a lead of lettuce as well as a few olives for his sandwich. That is unnecessary, Antonia noted of a whacking going down on a hire next to her. Both managed to put forth sandwiches, but ultimately usually Antonia was means to experience a magic of superhero moody as a Bobs swept her around a kitchen to collect up plates.Click a play button on a video on top of to watch a super face-off go down.Tune in to Cutthroat Kitchen on Wednesdays at 9|8c.