Millennials have been into food big-time. Nearly half 46 percent of Americans ages 25 to 33 consider themselves foodies, as do 42 percent of those ages thirteen to 33, according to a brand brand new consult by youth marketing as well as millennial investigate organisation Ypulse. And no, a recession really didnt do most to relieve these immature peoples craving for brand brand new as well as opposite food experiences.To get through a financial crises, immature consumers opted to spend upon practice instead of expensive material goods like houses or cars, Ypulse asserted. As a result, food has become anew status symboland a form of amicable currency.One look during a food porn upon Instagram will bear this out.But what dishes have been a immature group as well as women of a millennial generation gobbling up? The Washington Post recently pulled together a couple of revealing charts based upon a Ypulse consult results. Here have been four interesting takeaways:1. Top food trends among millennials, in terms of how many respondents pronounced they had attempted them, embody sweet as well as spicy dishes (40 percent have tried), quinoa (36 percent), dishes in bowls (35 percent), craft drink (26 percent), workman ice cream (24 percent), cold-brew coffee (20 percent) as well as farm-to-table eating (18 percent). Just 18 percent of millennials pronounced they had attempted none of these.2. Some trends mostly those involving drink were most some-more usual in millennial group than in millennial women, a Post notes: While 30 percent of masculine millennials had attempted craft beer, usually 21 percent of womanlike millennials had. Similarly, sixteen percent of immature group had attempted a drink bar as well as thirteen percent of them had sampled drink pairings, since usually 8 percent as well as 7 percent of women had attempted those things, respectively.3. Other trends were some-more usual in millennial women than men. Among them were quinoa (43 percent of women had attempted it; usually twenty-eight percent of group had), dishes in bowls (40 percent vs. 31 percent), spiralized veggies (14 percent vs. 7 percent), as well as dishes that were sweet as well as spicy(43 percent vs. 36 percent).4. Manifestations of foodie-ism additionally vary by region: While 19 percent of millennials upon a West Coast as well as seventeen percent of those in a Northeast had attempted workman foods, fourteen percent of those in a Midwest as well as just eleven percent of those in a South had. Then again, a Post observes, Just because immature people in [the South] dont inhale quinoa or cold-brew coffee, it doesnt meant theyre not resourceful or adventurous. After all, Southerners were eating kalelong before Gwyneth Paltrow. Good point.Photo courtesy of iStock