Heres the single for your list of dishes you may not be in the precipitate to try: the tortilla thinly slice so spicy it will make you gasp, cough, yowl as good as desire for forgiveness (or water or milk, honey, yogurt, ice thickk cream anything that competence help!).Gourmet tortilla thinly slice builder Paqui is releasing what its calling The Worlds Hottest Chip. The thinly slice (which hits stores for the limited time starting in October, selling for $4.99) is made with the chile pepper known as the Carolina Reaper, that happens to hold the Guinness World Record forthe worlds hottest chile, rating during an normal of 1,569,300 Scoville Heat Units. (For comparison, your simple jalapeno pepper rates only the mere 2,500 to 5,000 Scoville Heat Units.)Note the use of the singular chip, not chips. Thats because the crazy-spicy thinly slice comes the single per coffin-shaped, warning-emblazoned package, as good as away wrapped within that as well. Judging from the video entries in to Paquis One Chip Challenge, that invites brave snackers to share footage or photos of themselves eating the ultra-hot thinly slice on social media, the single thinly slice is apparently all you need to feel the critical and, from the looks of it, highly upsetting burn.Contest participants get the giveaway bag of chips as good as the shot during the grand esteem the years supply of Paqui chips as good as the GoPro Hero4 Silver camcorder though the single wonders if its value it.Sample reactions:Its so hot. This is so mean. I dont think its starting to be OK.Its similar to in the behind of my face as good as its only getting progressively hotter blazing my tongue as good as Im jolt visibly. I feel similar to the inside of my face is starting to leak. There have been the full-body sweats. Breathing hurts. I competence cry. Those have been accurate tears. I can hardly talk. Im starting to get the bit of numbness in my hands. My hands have been actually numb, tingling the small bit. Runny nose Im not looking forward to how this is starting to feel after on.Photo pleasantness of @PaquiTortillas