Marc Summers, a first-timer in a Cutthroat Kitchen arena, stopped by tonight to decider a Time Warp Tournament finale, a 90s-themed extravaganza complete with (a very) up-and-coming child band as well as a reproduction of a Double Dare-style barrier course. Clad in signature shiny-gold Hammer-style pants, Marc shuffled back as well as forth as well as hammered thyme packets in to a wall, just similar to Chef Clay did in Round 2. And what was a role of this again? a decider asked Alton Brown. According to a host, a role was quite simple. Its to humiliate whoevers doing it as well as to force them to rubbish time for about five minutes, when they really could be doing something better, Alton explained. Thats a beauty of this sabotage as well as most others; in each as well as every round, we can be certain theyll both test a limits of a competitors as well as deliver upon a sinful hilarity which comes from watching chefs bid upon challenges as well as continue them, no make a difference a eviliciousness they might bear in a process.In a culmination battle, Chef Clay was theme to this Hammerthyme board as well as a mandate to prep upon a crawl of a vessel to a single side Chef Won. Not usually did Chef Clay overcome those challenges, though he also bested another a single in Round 3 all to walk away a winner of a tournament.Click a fool around button upon a video above to watch Altons After-Show unfold, as well as hear some-more from Alton as well as Marc.Tune in to Cutthroat Kitchen upon Wednesdays at 9|8c.